Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Treading Water

I finally enrolled in my classes for the spring semster. I'm taking Honors Speech and Honors Comp II.

Go me.

Those two classes don't make me feel like I'm going anywhere at all. But at least I'm taking some, I guess, and both of those are basic requirements for my undergrad. And they'll salve my ego and my GPA after that stupid class last semester. I shouldn't have any problem getting A's in both of them.

Now to take my test for the certification that the aformentioned class from the fiery bowels of hell supposedly qualifies me for in the first place. And to get a job. For now, though, it's enough that I'm enrolled in a couple of classes for the semester.

I NEED to run tomorrow. Christmas threw me off, and I'm getting into this mad blue funk. Total running withdrawal. The Wii and the knitting and the Scout shop and the pants I need to hem and the laundry and my grey hairs that need to be touched up and everything else are going to have to take a back seat for a little while, because if I don't run a few miles tomorrow I'm probably going to start taking sniper shots from a belltower somewhere. It STILL amazes me that a couch potato like myself has gotten so thoroughly addicted to something as strenuous as running, but boy am I ever!

Any big New Year plans? We're going to a party. Maybe. If I can break out of this Eeyore thing I have going on.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year! I got to spend the night all by myself.....yeah me! Mike is in Dallas visiting his brother and Shelby spent the night at your mom's (Brookie has spent a few nights here). A friend/co-worker got married at the courthouse this afternoon, so we went to that after we got back from working in McPherson. Then I went to her reception and on to church. After that, I got in my jammies, got some junk food, and sunk down into my huge recliner and watch a very stupid movie. Well, didn't completely watch it....fell asleep through the last half. It is now 3:55 a.m. and I'm going to bed (after completing two crossword puzzles).....YEP, I'M OFFICIALLY OLD and boring as you can tell by my exciting New Year's Eve celebration! That's okay.....I thoroughly enjoyed it! I wish I could learn to enjoy exercise, I certainly need it. I've been modifying my diet though (except for tonight) and I finally got the Windsor Pilates DVDs that I ordered, so maybe I'll enjoy doing that. I guess I better hit the sack. Love ya, JJ

~Jenn~ said...

haha! My dad can't do a lot of staning at the moment because of all the stuff going on so he's mastered playing the Wii while sitting. It's really something to see! He bowls and golfs right from his spot on the couch! Anyway. Hope you get outta this funk soon. We;ll talk and go get drinks or something soon. That will help!