Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have had a breakthrough.

Life is entirely too short to drink out of ugly coffee cups.

A few years ago, when J's store was advertising on our local WB channel, he brought home a crapload of rather unattractive WB coffee cups. Generally, I have my coffee out of them in the mornings, just out of habit.

Today, I tossed them all out.

I do have a few coffee cups that I like. The one I got at Disney World, which is aqua (for years I've been claiming this is my favorite color...not sure how it's escaped my notice that given the choice, I'll always pick red), and which has "it was all started by a mouse" along the inner rim. The tall one that says "Internet Girl," and has a picture on it of a girl with a laptop who looks fairly similar to me. She even has her hair in the low ponytail with the side part that I tend to wear when I don't feel like messing with it. There's a chip in the handle, but I don't care. And the Starbucks cup that I got from Mom and Dad last Christmas, which is a nice shape and just the right size (I don't like my cups too big, because the coffee cools down before I can drink the whole thing). There's also one that I snagged from a place I used to work, which is really thick stoneware and looks like something from a 40s diner. It has a retro-looking picture of a perky little man and says "try our coffee, it's delicious!"

So, excellent. I have four coffee cups that I love. And I refuse to drink out of another cup I don't love, ever again. I like my coffee too much to drink it out of cups that suck.

I'm now officially on the prowl for coffee cups that I love. I intend to fill my cabinet with them, eventually.

On another note, we are now the proud owners of a Wii. I will never, ever accomplish another thing again in my life.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodie! There's something to read! I would like to get rid of a bunch of plastic cups and stuff that we've have forever, especially the Kwik Shop fountain drink cups. I don't drink coffee, but I'd also like some pretty coffee mugs, but also the dinnerware to go with them. I'm gonna check out Dillards, because I know they have a bunch of that stuff on sale. So what's up with you being stressed? I thought you seemed awfully quiet when you were here last week. Is it school? Love ya, JoJo

Anonymous said...

WOW! That paragraph I previously typed is really bad.....bad grammar and funky words. Oh well. It has been a long week (and its just Tuesday). JJ

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention your coffee cups Amie. When we were there for g-parent's day I took note of some of your very cute coffee cups. I was especially impressed with your aqua one. I thought it very nice to drink coffee out of something so attractive. I thought it was just like you to attend to such details.